Personal Profile


Sam, as the youngest of four children, immigrated from Italy to Canada when he was three. His childhood was mainly influenced by his conservative, humble upbringing. Despite receiving favorable recognition of his artistic achievements from the community in high school, he pursued a career in engineering. While it is the belief that an educational foundation in engineering is immeasurably valuable for any undertaking, his passion was in creative endeavors. After nearly a full career in the Professional Engineering world and admiring art and illustration throughout his life while not expressing himself artistically, his creative instincts needed an outlet. The COVID19 pandemic allowed him to rekindle his passion for art and illustration. He started working with digital media and enjoys creating images of wildlife, natural settings, portraits, and social commentary. Also, as a music enthusiast, he enjoys combining music in various creative media.  While art serves as the creator's expressive outlet his aim is to create PoSITIVE InFLUENCE with his Artwork.

His recent works have been featured in ARTBOX Zurich, International Art Magazine 44Degrees, as well as OCADU (Ontario College of Art and Design University) Continuing Studies "In Studio" features and  he has been featured in the Gallea Online Art Gallery in North America; in the Toronto Artists Collection, Nude Collection, Figurative Portraits Collection, Landscape Collection, Chalet Collection, Prints Collection, Animals Collection, and Zen Art Collection as well as being selected as a Curators' pick.

With the belief that the portrayal of light is key to every piece of work he continually experiments with the depiction of light and its influences within digital artwork, especially when capturing natural settings. He believes that creativity has always been important to humanity; however, because of the imminent disruptive technological advances driven by artificial intelligence, the importance of creativity in society will be escalated. To this end, he believes that the cultivation of creativity based on individual preferences will be essential to humanity’s evolution. While digital painting is his focus, he also experiments with AR/VR platforms and the combination of music as well as the artistic aspects of the buildout of the metaverse.
If you are interested in commissioned work, or personal portraits, please message him through the contacts page.  Examples of time-lapse portraits are included on his portfolio website at https://samdinatolo.myportfolio.com/.