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My Digital Art. Somewhere inbetween traditional painting and the new digital environment.

Updated: May 1, 2022

I recently became a member of an Art Institute which I will not name. The institute is quite prestigious and it was an honour to be part of the group. However, given that I have recently started practicing in digital art, I was disappointed that only physical art pieces were recognized for entry to their events. While I totally acknowledge the possibilities with digital software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Fresco etc exist to manipulate photos to produce what would seemingly be presented as orginal artwork or to manipulate photos to "alter' reality or occurence of events, I am disappointed that my works were given a perception that they are not true. Although Photoshop and other similar programs have extensive photo manipulation capabilities, I use the software capabilities much like I would in traditional art creation. These programs and associated hardware emulate the real creation experience quite well and I believe that those that create traditionally in this media deserve fair judgement. Below is a time lapse recording of one of my pieces demonstrating technique with the reference photo from Getty Images : Derek Hudson Inset.


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